Application works in 4MCAD and other CAD programs based on IntelliCAD or Open Design Alliance core.

Except the base CAD software you will need Midas and STRUCT files available on Download page. Midas and STRUCT should have the same version number in their file name.


1. Place Midas application inside C:/midas directory

2. Create directory C:/midas/struct and make sure that you have sufficient rights to write inside this directory.

3. Place STRUCT file with .DCL extension to directory of the base CAD installation (e.g. C:/4MCAD14Professional). When using AutoCAD leave DCL file in the same directory as LSP file.

4. Launch your CAD software and load STRUCT file with .LSP extension with a toolf for LISP applications management (_APPLOAD command). In 4MCAD you can do this via Tools > Load LISP application... In AutoCAD use Manage > Load Application.
You can refer to you CAD program documentation to set automated loading of LSP file.

After correct configuration STRUCT application should launch with "STR" command from CAD command line.

You will need default blocks for correct supports and loads definition. These block are available in struct.dwg drawing which is included amongst downloaded files. Copy these blocks to your own file or template drawing.